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We just did exactly this! We used 'Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus' by Tony Mitton. We are very new to Talk for Writing, so I scanned it in and we just used the first few dinosaurs. It worked quite well with my class that have been doing it for a bit longer but the other classes that were completely new to it found it a bit tricky so we've gone back to basics with Little Rabbit Foo Foo, Little Red Hen etc, but I would definately use this one again in the future with children that are a little more confident with talk for writing.


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I love Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow as a story re dinosaurs but not having done 'Talk for writing' not sure if it would be suitable


If it were I noticed he has extended the stories,

Harry and the Dinosaurs at the Museum,
Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School
Harry and the Dinosaurs have a Happy Birthday

So scope for further writing opportunities

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I couldn't find a suitable dinosaur story this time all the books I looked at were too complicated for talk4writing.

So we made up our own simple story about a dinosaur using the boxing clever sequence. Children are really good at retelling this one as they created it as a class!!

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