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Complaints being removed from Ofsted website

Lucy P

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I have just logged onto the Ofsted website to download our last report and have noticed that the complaint/compliance letter that has been on there for our setting since 2010 has now been removed!?!


Has anyone else experienced this? I expected that this would always stay on our record and am unsure of why it would have been removed. It was definitely there the last time i looked about a month ago. We have had 2 inspections since the complaint, the last in April 2013, so i cant imagine it would have been removed as a result of an inspection.


I have also had a look at other settings local to us who received a complaint at around the same time and their enforcement letters are still there!


I should be looking at it as a positive thing, but i just cant understand why its gone!!


If anyone has any experience of this or can offer any help i would be very grateful :1b


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