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can a childminder help please!


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my two grand daughters recently started at a childminder - one is a funded three year old the other is paid for - anyway the question is

how much information do you as a childminder give to parents about what the children have done during the day - where they have been, what they have eaten etc

my daughter is having lots of problems getting any info from her about their day - texting her to ask her about their day as i pick them up from the childrminder but she doesnt really get much of a reply.

also my grand daughter attends pre-school and i know that they have given her a copy of her next steps - what should the pre-school expect from her?

what should she be doing with regard to the younger girl - should she be making notes etc on her?

should she be completing obs etc., - please any help on what you as a childminder do with regard to communicating with parents,pre-school and obs, next steps etc would be greatly appreciated thank you

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I'm a childminder and I do a daily diary which states the child's food and nappies and any outings and a brief summary of what was done during the day.

Without this it would be very difficult to have the time sometimes to speak to or be texting parents.

Also, yes your childminder should have a Learning Journey covering observations of the child and next steps, though if not with the childminder for much of the day, will not be very full and probably best to rely on Pre-school obs.

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