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Hi everyone.

There are some great posts here! I'm a Reception teacher and have an interview for a Foundation Stage team leader next week :o Anyone got any good advice or ideas for topics to swot up on ?

Thanx in advance


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Welcome Wendi, what a starting question.

Questions you might get asked about

1. Your knowledge of Foundation curriculum (as well as experience of nursery if you are currently in reception); FSP; baseline (or whatever schools in your area use in nursery)

2. the role of support staff

3. The importance of team work

4. Your views on how to involve parents

5. Your experince of managing a budget

6. Knowledge of student courses and supervision expereince.

7. What a good 'learning environment' looks like in a foundation setting.


Its not exhaustive, I was just trying to think back to my first coordinator interview. I do also remember being asked what I would change about the setting if I was appointed. Thats a difficult one.

Try to be yourself. I failed at a number of interviews, trying to second guess what 'answers' they wanted. Now I just say what I think. If its what the school wants, you get the job, if it isnt, you probably wouldnt have been very happy there anyway. Works for me :D

Good luck.

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Great reply, Mundia :D

I'd add a couple more things:

1) Current thinking on early years education (to show you read avidly and are up-to-date with exciting developments!) like Reggio, High/Scope, Te Whaariki, etc.

2) Along the same lines, but a summary of your philosophy of the FS; how children learn best, the role of the effective practitioner, ie when to intervene and take the child onto the next steps in their learning, and when to keep back and observe.

3) Your understanding of child-initiated/adult-initiated/adult-directed activities.

Hope this gives you food for thought :)

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