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Hi everyone our next topic is 'Our senses'. Anyway i'm struggling to get started (probably because I haven't been led to it by the children but that is out of my control). Any ideas to inspire my planning? Also any ideas for the role play area would be greatly appreciated :)

The 2 main objectives I want the children to be focusing on are: adding 2 numbers by counting on in their heads and children attempting phonetically plausible more complex words during child initiated time.


But any ideas would be appreciated as I also have an observation by an advisor looming.


Thank you in advance :)

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Could you make the role play into an opticians? Off the top of my head I am thinking you could get cheap sunglasses and pop the lenses out. You could also have letters or words for the optician to get the 'patient' to read.

When I've done senses in the past the children have loved smelling things. I get some plastic cups and then put different 'smelly' things in like coffee, perfume, mint etc. cover the cups with paper and an elastic band then slit a hole in the top. You always get some really interesting discussions about what is in the cup.

Hope that helps a little and good luck with the observation.


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Hi feely bags, food tasting, smelly bags, sound games, listening games, messy play for touch with an assortment of textures, such as jelly, gloop, cooked spaghetti.

We have been exploring winter and put smartie tops which are coloured and have letters on into ice cubes and watched them melt.

Cooking is great for quantity, more, less, touch and smell. Good luck with your observation.:)

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