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Funky fingers activities?


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Hi everyone, wondering if anyone follows Allistar-Bryce-Cleggs funky finger ideas to run alongside dough disco?? Meant to be 5ish minute fine motor activity, it is only used during this time and put away until following day/session. Does anyone have any ideas suggestions of what they do / provide for chn during this time? TIA xx

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we do:

nuts onto long bolts

threading beads on laces

large circles on paper

scarf dancing

snipping with scissors - fringing and along different lines

name writing

cheerios onto spaghetti (uncooked)

marbles onto suction cups using spoons/tweezers

hama beads and small tweezers - sorting colours

can't think of anymore at mo! :)

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There are loads of fine motor ideas on Pinterest! And if you're on Facebook there is a Twinkl early years group and EYFS group with some really helpful discussions on activities/ resources/ setting up funky fingers. I think there are lots of ideas on Alistair Bryce-Clegg's website and he often posts fab ideas on his instagram and facebook. We're about to start ours this week with Nursery (in a Foundation Stage Unit) and have been interested in the various ideas for a while so am following all these discussions and sources of information with interest! :) Good luck with yours!

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For our finger gym we have various fine motor skill activities


Threading thick pipe cleaners through a sieve

Threading beads or buttons onto pipe cleaners

Balance marbles on golf tees

Numbered pegs onto number cards and round edge of container

Using tweezers to transfer Pom poms to different bowls

Tweezers to pick up little plastic insects from a bowl of coloured rice

Threading cut up straws onto lengths of uncooked spaghetti

Tweezers to pick little fish from a small fish tank

I glued washers and nuts onto a board and children balanced marbles on them

Squirting water using trigger type bottle at targets

Sorting out mini ladybirds and butterflies and other items

Using loom bands on geo board

Posting coloured matchsticks through top of sugar sifter

Mr potato head

Pop bubble wrap

Finding the right keys to open little padlocks

Selection of spinners


Hope this gives you some ideas. There are lots more.



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