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I am afraid it's cooking and nearly done!!


They are going ahead even when childminders and other professionals are against them. They essentially want to privatise Childminding as the Government do not want to subsidise Local Authorities to provide Briefing Meetings, Introduction to Childminding programmes - training etc.,

Elizabeth Truss says that it will ensure affordable childcare for all and also reduce paperwork etc., for childminders. I have looked at some agency sites and the costings are not affordable for a childminder to start up with. Yes the Government have introduced a grant - however that is just a little trickster to tantalise interest and initial sign up. When the agencies get fully under way no doubt they will remove this. Then the cost will fall fully to these small business and parents. How else will an agency make a profit?

As for the paperwork - will the agencies write bespoke policies and procedures that are suitable to each and every individual person registered with them? I doubt it. Will they do all the risk assessments - again bespoke to capture each individual premises - outings etc., No I doubt it! Will they do observations and assessment doucumentation and records - NO I doubt it!! so tell me what the benefits actually are?

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The agency fees are a lot of money for any child minder to pay out, even for those who are well established.

The alternative is to stay with Ofsted who will charge around £500 per year when currently its £35 per year!

Im sure that parents are going to see the agencies as a better option as they will feel that their childcare is probably more regulated etc.

I haven't yet made up my mind what I am going to do. I have lost a lot of income recently due to children moving away. School is now opening a breakfast club so 2 of my mindees are moving their - parents think that a school environment is better?! On top of this I will now have to pay out a big sum to either an agency or Ofsted. I haven't yet seen any agencies advertising and there are only a few months left until all this happens, leaving little time to consider options.

I am seriously considering leaving child minding and looking for a job outside the home but this then means more expenditure on childcare for my youngest child.

Unfortunately, I feel like Im in a no win situation

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