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reception or nursery teachers help me please!


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our reception teacher and i are moderating tomorrow - 40-60+ band and she has been told if children come into reception as secure in any area they should start year 1 work as elg should not be looked at until summer term.

e.g. in c+l listening and attention we have

  • Maintains attention, concentrates and sits quietly during appropriate activity.
  • Two-channelled attention – can listen and do for short span.

our more able will achieve these by july, but then have nothing to work towards for first 2 terms in reception. but i would put them as secure.

and at her moderation she was told they have to achieve all sorts of things to be secure in band, not just eyo/dm band statements and all as in provision in what adults can do/provide in enabling environments/positive relationships. we need to show progress too!! what do you do? info being put on a joint tracker from now on so we can't have them appearing to regress in reception or showing a lack of progress in reception.


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I'm a little confused here - the ELG is an assessment thing but the child can be at the ELG before the summer...If the child is best fitted at the ELG then you would say they are already at the Expected level, regardless of when they got there. After that you would be looking at the programme of study for KS1 to develop the skills but still deliver that in an EYFS pedagogical way. the child would inevitably be Exceeding for the EYFSP in July.

As per the handbook you are looking for evidence of independent application and embedded learning. Read al the descriptors and consider if they typically describe the child's skills. If yes you may need to consider are they demonstrating the skills in the ELG.

The EYFSP is not a progress measure - maybe that is where the confusion lies? Cx


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