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Adapting activity for SEN child


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Hello all,


This is my first post here.

My name is Usma and i am a EYTS trainee. Really enjoying it so far. Are there any other EYTS trainee's on here?


I am planning an activity with the Preschoolers (3-5 years) on acceptable behaviour inside the nursery as there is alot of running, standing on chairs and shouting. I plan on doing this through a circle time activity where the children and I discuss how we think we should behave when indoors. I then plan to write the "rules" up on a display board with pictures of children demonstrating the positive behaviours.


There is a child who has autism (not sure how severe). As part of my training i need to show how i adapt activities and care to respond to the needs of all children. How can i adapt this activity and make it accessible to this child as he doesn't sit in one place and i'm don't think he will understand much of what is happening.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi and welcome :) We use cards as visual prompts showing our expected behaviour.....ie stop , quiet voices, walking feet etc....these can be shown to the children along with verbal instruction wherever they are when showing unacceptable behaviour, not sure if that would help......I'm sure someone with more SEN experience will be along with some helpful advice soon.

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