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Hi All


Need some inspiration and help in restructuring my day. We have a new Head and I have lost my TA. I do only have 20 children. However I have always run free flow and now need to think again. This week I tried all inside and then all outside. Outside area was a little too small for this plan and it was just chaos! I also found guided sessions a challenge, if it wasn't constant interruptions I would look up and think that most of the class were not really engaged in anything very productive. I know I can't be the first to have to run a class of f2 without a TA I just need some inspiration on how to structure my day to ensure I get a balance of guided and some adult support during child initiated.



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I thought it was seen as good practice to have a TA in reception!

What happens if someone wets themselves...... falls over......................


Besides numbers what reason was given for you losing the TA?

Have you spoken to your foundation stage co ordinator?

I work in nursery attached to school and there have always been 2 staff in reception at least for the morning sessions...... right now they have 2 staff all day.

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I can relate to your problem! Last year I could cope without consistent support because I only had 18 children. This year I have 27 and I am in my third heading into my fourth week without regular support, having the odd afternoon covered- well actually not had consistent support all year, but no support staff insight for probably four more weeks...

It is a case of training the children- having an independent focus group, as well as the group having adult input, so that you know they are working on objectives/skills that you need to cover, and training the others to not interrupt when your are wearing your fairy wings- princess crown, silly hat, whatever works for you.

Am trying out an idea that is new to me of putting out provocative resources and seeing if that helps the children independently work on the same kind of objective-( I have only seen images of provocative resources so I might be completely wrong about how to do it...)

Its definitely not perfect, and I haven't any great solutions to the outside problem - all in, all out, and using a small safe part of our outside area which is in sight and sound as a free flow.

But it definitely makes teaching much, much harder! x

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Guest tinkerbell

could you get some volunteers? parents

I would ask your EYFS governor to spend some time in your class.

Could some older children ,perhaps on a rota come into your class to share books or play games

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It's the downside of being a teacher with QTS isn't it - 1:30 ratios.

Really working on the independent behaviours of the children would be key to me, through the learning environment.

I would take a step back and really observe your children operating in the environment. Where do they go, what are they really using? What is just ignored because they can't see the point...then refresh your room to reflect the elements that make children want to work in those areas.

Inside/outside is tricky - you may have to just have outside learning time when you all go out but children must be "at least within hearing" so can small groups go outside if you have open access??



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