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Hi all

I am looking at doing my progress reports and doing it differently. However the issue I have is that when inputting the information provided by staff (I have to input for various reasons) I have become aware of a difference in grading between key workers.

For example one key person grading a child who is not potty trained (39 months old) at a secure 22-36 months in health and self care and another key person grading their child (36 months) at emerging 22-36 months in health and self care as they are not potty trained.


out of interest how would you all have graded??


also in moderation I am finding it quite hard to get the time to do it properly how do you all moderate files? do you do this informally, formally? how do you do it? what form do you use?

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difficult this but I trust my staff to grade as they know there children best and to grade at emerging or secure should not be based on toilet trained or not, there are other factors for this area


I input all data and we do this 3 times a year, I don't question areas from one child to another but I do look and ask for them to provide evidence (usually vocal) if I feel the grading is too high . prams will show children under or over achieving and this we discuss with key person on what to do. next.


I do not go through every child would not have time, I trust my staff and support those that are new to the game by going through data with them prior to me entering onto PRAMS

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Hi Johanna.

As Suer said, there is more than just one statement in the age bands and it isn't just about potty training, you need to know about the other areas of self care in order to make a judgment, by looking at the range of skills and considering if that is typical for that child.

Having said that though, moderation within the setting is a good idea as no matter how experienced we are, we should check with each other that our thinking is similar, and you are quite right to raise this and want to be sure that the judgements made are accurate. I work with a few settings that get together to do this, choosing an area and then bringing along learning diaries to share and explain how they have come to the age band they have chosen. You can do this in setting by having a spot in the staff meetings from time to time to discuss one area.. your potty training one would be a good one as its a current issue for you. Then you can also discuss in supervisions, and if any staff are having difficulty in making robust judgments, this would then be part of their ongoing professional development.

If you have more than one room, then room leads could take responsibility for this within their rooms, or you can work towards this if they need support.

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thank you both for your comments. It wasn't just the potty training but I thought it a good example to show what I meant. However I really am grateful to you both for reminding me about the 'knowing your child' angle as I did loose sight of that a bit as I have been so focused on moderation and progress checks ect... just lately. Its so easy to tip the balance in favour of what most of you brain is currently taken up with :P


thank you both xx

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