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One million families using CC's record numbers seek help

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One million families using Children's Centres as record numbers seek help in tough times

National charity 4Children today publishes its Children’s Centre Census 2013. The Census is the only national annual survey of Children’s Centre activities and comes at a time of widespread concern over the impact of acute financial pressures on their accessibility in parts of the country.

The new Census reveals that for the first time over a million families are benefitting from Children’s Centre services and that Centres are supporting two-thirds of all disadvantaged families with children under the age of five. However, 4Children is warning that the valuable progress being made will be put at risk if local authority predictions of cuts to Children’s Centres are realised.

New figures from the 4Children Children’s Centre Census 2013 indicate that:

  • For the first time, over a million families are using their local Children’s Centre, including two-thirds of disadvantaged families (with at least one child under five)
  • 73% of Children’s Centres report an increase in the number of families who have used their services over the past 12 months
  • 66% are operating on a decreased budget compared to the previous year
  • 31% expect to provide fewer services in a year’s time
  • 2% say they expect to be closed within a year’s time


Read to full information by clicking on the Link at the top of the post

So, those of you in CC's what do you think?

Are you finding more demand for your services?

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So, those of you in CC's what do you think?


Well we are certainly referring more families to the Children's Centres so they can get further support!

My role has changed dramatically and I am providing help to families and starting the ball rolling and providing the first steps to help young, eal and needy families...which means that some still only get to access help when their children are aged 3/4!


These centres are important...each year will provide different results as every family has different needs.

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well i'm sorry but we have two CC's in our area...neither of them do much! I'm glad to see they are working in other areas but i do all the work at my setting that a CC would do. I have tried to work with them again and again and they just don;'t engage ...either with my pre-school or with my parents!

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I know how you feel..we have two close by and a further two will close soon.


Getting families referred, assessed quickly and making sure the boxes are all ticked is another matter.


Everwhere I turn for help the table is immediately turned with the words "have you done a Caf?"


Couldn't the children's centres be used to coordinate cafs a bit more..just a thought as my own key children and my own real children miss my input!

Spiral :-[

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