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Guest Spiral

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Hi there,


I have a real issue with my ehem 'chair'.


She was quite happy to vote herself in at the AGM, yet since then hasn't attended a meeting, frequently has her phone off and is really worrying me.


She's told us she has a gcse in maths, and wants to now study maths at degree level so she can teach year 7's maths (exactly!!!)

However, now we are advertising a paid position she says she wants to apply...eek! Of course this would require her resignation.

The committee need someone who is strong to help organise events and to be the 'face' of the pre-school, however I am very aware of the deadly silence and how everyone is worrying.


Is there a way we/committee can all vote incompetence if they refuse to leave the post (I'm just backing myself up here).

This is a really bad start and with Xmas we usually have a chair who is organising events and taking the lead.

Help, Spiral :-(


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Not good to have a chairperson that isn't accessible, by phone, text or email, and certainly not one that cannot attend meetings.

I would strongly suggest you look at your constitution or memorandum of articles or whatever you work too.

If you are members of the PSLA, a committee member may contact Lawcall for advice too.

Good luck with this.

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Guest youngrisers

sounds like you may need advice from preschool Learning Alliance or your childcare business officer here. parent committee constituted preschool or nursery groups have advice and support from PLA so one option could be to ask why she seeks the appointment of chair and does she realise the amount of work it involves whether voluntary or paid. A chair persons role is to lead, support and promote the preschool and to work with existing committee members, and staff.

If then she still continues to want this role she may reflect on the decision making process such as employing and dismissing staff, writing policies with assistance from committee members, fundraising, promoting the setting and liaising with others. hard graft... a vote of no confidence may mean being without a chair over this period but other committee members may decide to step up and assist.

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I wish I had a committee chair that did any of those things, but getting them to just sign up is a task in itself!


However just doing a little bit is helpful. At the moment I am wearing too many different hats andthe workload is becoming a little overpowering.


I spoke to the chairperson today and she promised she can do everything..she even offered to write the minutes of the meeting.....the meeting she did not attend :o I'm wondering if there is a difficulty in her understanding.


Life in early years eh!

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