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I am a teacher in a SEN early year unit. Next week we are carrying out activities relating to Looking after ourselves. I know quite a few things to do, however because my children are quite low (ranging from birth-11 to 22-36 months mainly) my ideas are quite above their level. I am new to this and am struggling. We want to do things that are relating to the prime areas.


Anything would be good!


Thanks in advance!



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Hi emmasuch

Welcome to the forum and congrats on making your first post :D

There is a dedicated forum area for Topic support and it has a 'Ourselves' section that might offer some ideas, find it here http://eyfs.info/forums/forum/103-ourselves/

I have never worked directly with SEN children or very little ones birth - 11 months so apologies if some of these things aren't quite right

Keeping warm - as winter is approaching activities about how we keep ourselves warm and dry, lots of activities with scarves and gloves (always good for games relating to pairs). You could extend this to bears hibernating to keep warn through the winter

We sprayed a teddy bear once with water and then stuck it in the freezer and then presented the frost covered teddy to the children and talked about how to warm it up....many scarves and blankets were found, teddy placed on the radiator etc

If you are having lots of rain like us things relating to rain and wellies and look at what happens to different things when they get wet....does the water run off like our hands or absorb the water like fabric and sponges etc

Always healthy eating type activities

Cleanliness.....washing hands - maybe do some art using hand prints and then talk about hand washing after wards and extend that to washing hands after toileting and before eating etc

Hope some of those ideas are useful and have fun


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