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I know this is sad but I wanted to see what effects qualifications were having on OFSTED grades in my local area. I looked at the first 40 reports that came up for the last year.


4 were inadequate. 2 level 3, 2 with degree.

10 were satisfactory. 2 level 3, 8 with EYP or working towards.

24 good. 10 level 3, 10 EYP or QT, 4 level who had maintained setting grades or improved.

2 outstanding. 1 level 3, 1 QT.


It's a worry that so many settings are satisfactory or inadequate with managers/leaders gaining or working towards EYP. I know the government is looking at the postive grades but what about the children who are missing having the skills of that leader for a long period of time.

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Our last three Ofsted inspections we got all goods and the last one we got some outstandings in with it as well. This is with only two level 3s and the rest unquailified staff. :P:P

We recently had a new member of staff start work who is level 5 and going further. She actually turned around to me and said that she thinks all leaders/managers should be level 5 or above and that they make better leaders This is from someone who has no actual experience of working in a group let alone running a group :ph34r: :mellow: :ph34r: :blink:

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Looking at my last post I realised I might sound anti EYP but I am not!


I do think though that my degree and subsequent EYP have made me a better practitioner!

They have made me think more and stand my ground more too.


I don't necessarily think an EYP makes a good setting but I do believe it can give someone like me, confidence. When I started at my nursery I was the level 3 NNEB and I often felt my lack of education (in comparison to the teacher I worked with) meant my opinions weren't as good as hers.


Nowadays I don't feel like that and the confidence has made me a better advocate for our children. I now manage the setting, which went entirely private and the EYP has enabled me to do this.

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