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Key principles that underpin working with others to improve quality pr


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Hi everyone,


As part of my module on Professional Practice fro the Top Up degree, I have been asked to present a PowerPoint on:


The key principle that underpin working with others to improve quality practice?


I have put together a mindmap with key themes I.e.:


Sharing information

Respecting others views and perspectives





Time etc just to name a few


I have decided to write about listening and respecting others views and perspectives...


Has anyone got and good literature thoughts?

Other ideas welcome as not totally sure I am going in right direction!? :-(


I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you

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Hi Melissa

I think listening is a key one you have selected. One of my favourite books on this is Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human mind by Nancy Kline. We use the Time to think Principles at work.

You also might want to look at 'Working in Partnership with Parents' by Hilton Davis and others. Although this is about working with parents, the partnership model of working is worth looking at as a model of ways of working.

Good luck with your presentation.

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I think listening/ good communication are essential elements

Obviously you need to get them right for quality practice with staff, parents, and other professionals you come into contact with!


Good luck with your top up...............

I did my FD then some BA modules, then my EYPS and now I am just finishing my independent study and I am done. FIVE years its taken to be near a BA Honours..........(I did have 6 months off because of some health issues and I have been working full time too!!!)

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Hi ladies, thank you for your fast responces.


Mundia-I will definitely look at those books you have mentioned. Yes I will find the model of ways of working very useful! :-) Thank you


Scarlettangel-I definitely agree about the importance of getting it right, otherwise it is pointless.

Well done in your determination to finish your studies! It is very inspiring. I have still got another yr, but can just about see the light at the end of the tunnel ;-) as it has taken me at least 5 years too!!


Well, I must get cracking on this presentation.....

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