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Hi everyone,

We are a 2 year old provision setting within a school and we had our pre-registration visit in the summer. Now we are looking towards our post registration check and I can't find anything that tells me what happens at this check! Is it a proper inspection with a report and grading etc? I apologise if there is already a thread related to this, but I have looked - maybe my brain is just fried!

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mrsbutterfly

You might want to look at this document that just came out yesterday and covers registration.


If you have completed your registration visit and everything was in order, then your next visit should be your first inspection. Usually this would be within 6 months.

Its also worth seeing if your LA does anything. We are still able to offer new settings a visit within 3 months of opening to dicsuss their practice etc in preparation for their inspection. I know not all LAs have an early years team any more, but worth asking if you do have.

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