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Just logged onto my Storyphones account to download new stories to find that my £100 credit has been lost due to liquidation!!! Anyone else lost credit?

Sooooo annoyed!



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Yes we lost about £50. We should have had an email from the liquidators to let us know - as I am in a school I think that this could have been sent to our enquiries email and then got accidentally deleted by the office staff due to the volume of enquiry emails we get :-(

When I contacted the liquidators they basically said there was nothing we could do - yes, like you am slightly peeved this was not handled better. An email from Storyphones BEFORE the liquidator came in would have been nice as that would have given us the opportunity to spend our credit.

The company who manufacture Storyphones have taken them over. I must admit they are not as quick to respond to problems as the original owners. We have a couple of issues with some of our headsets and they took a while to get back to us!

I do hope they continue though as the children do enjoy them. It is such as shame for the original owners who were super - economic climate forced them to sell up.

I do wish they could make them a bit cheaper though so that we could purchase more sets. I know TTS do them but I haven't heard how good these are compared to Storyphones.

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