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showing progress for 2yr olds


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Hi Thinking about our sometime soon Ofsted visit, I wondered if or how you track the progress of children on 2 yr old funding.

Our children have a tracker to show termly 'which age band they are working within' but wondered what Ofsted may want to see over and above this to demonstrate how the funding is proving effective?

Thanks in advance

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when we were inspected they looked at next steps and how we are planning from the childs interests for all children who are on funding including some who were 2 years old

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Our LA have given us an assessment tool to use to show just this sort of data.


Because we live in an age where all spends have to be justified they are looking to gather data to prove the worth of 2year old funding


It is an excel type chart where you put in the child's name and date of birth and the date of the observation.

The chart does only allow two observation dates though supposedly on entry to the setting and on exit or set end of 2 year old funding.


The chart automatically gives the child a number of points which is dependant on their age in months and to do this the age is broken into chunks of about 3 months.


So for instance a child of twelve months might have 4 points but a child of 33 months would have 11. (That's just giving an idea I am not sure that's the exact points for those ages!!)


Then as you use drop down boxes to highlight where the children are at in each area it gives points for that area.

These points should be similar to the number given to the child at the outset.

The boxes also get coloured so if the children are roughly where they should be the boxes go green, then if they are working a little lower it's orange andt then red boxes appear if they are way off.


It was originally designed for only the prime areas but various settings have asked for the other areas to use for all of their children!

I note though that the way it's been designed it is missing one box if you use it for the older children.

For instance in expressive arts and design I decided to only use the being imaginative box because there wasn't space for the exploring media and materials too!!


It's quite simple to use and as my numbers are low I thought I would give it a go with the 12 new children. I actually only have 3 children with 2 year old funding.


As a school though (we are a private nursery run by school governors) we use O Track from a company called Optimum

This allows the input of similar data and can make nice charts using the information you enter. I believe this us a bought in service though to track the children throughout the school.


Hope this helps!

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