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I teach FS2 and year 1. My head wants me to do a two week topic on puzzles this half term... It's left me in a muddle and rather lacking in the ideas department!

So far I have :

- Detectives--- using magnifying glasses to search for things, treasure hunts, following clues

- Police station role play area

- giving and following instructions

- following maps

- putting puzzles together

- Problem solving in maths

- Mazes/ odd one out/ dot to dot/ codes

- Investigations in science

- stories about people being puzzled e.g. Monkey puzzle, the mole who knew it was none of his business.


But I'm stuck.... Any ideas and activity ideas much appreciated... I'm completely uninspired!!

Thank you!

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Word searches? Across stick?? when you spell out HAPPY CHRISTMAS, vertically and with input from all the children you make up a poem starting with each letter. making their own jigsaw puzzle - from the simple cut up a photograph type to something more intricate. Sound puzzles - identifying previously recorded sounds maybe from around school, or home, we have some greats cds with transport sounds and nursery ryhmes, household sounds, animal sounds. Could you devise some riddles for them to unravel, or the old parlour game of a picture stuck to a headband and you have 20 questions to find out who or what you are.

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Using the magnifying glasses they could read key words - if you shrink them in word and print, then they have to read them - could be HFWs or their own names?

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