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I was approached by my head today and asked if I have a job description for my post as early years coordinator- the answer was no.


She then asked me to write a list of all the things I do in this role.

We are looking at the organisation of staff for the TLRP s.


So please can anyone give me an overview of a job description for an early years coordinator.,,, or what I can include.




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hi Lorna, dont have anything on the computer but may be able to dig out some paperwork. I know the job description I had was not specific though to FS coordinator (although that was my role) but was more specific to senior team. So if your role takes you there too dont forget to include all of that---taking assemblies, deputising for head etc etc.

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This is what I have come up with so far.


Early Years Coordinators role


• Planning with other staff to ensure coverage of the foundation stage curriculum

• Ensure curriculum coverage, continuity and progression for all children, including those who are very able, and those with other special educational needs- discussions with class teachers about individual children as required, including behaviour strategies.

• Budget- to plan for and make sure appropriate resources are available to cover all areas of the curriculum.

• ensure the effective and efficient management and organisation of learning resources

• Moderate FSP

• Look at FSP results to see any areas that children are not achieving and areas where children are achieving well... discuss why with relevant staff and how we can address these issues.

• Liaising with play schools

• Pre- school training- (it is in hand for this term!)

• To attend training for FSP and moderation meetings

• Set targets for the development of the curriculum

- e.g. developing outdoor play

- developing opportunities and types of mark making available.

• Planning and delivering Phonics evening training in conjunction with other staff.

• Keep up to date with local and national initiatives and incorporate them into our unit as appropriate.

• Oversee other staff

- involved in training and overseeing others work e.g. Sally- GTP and Guidance during NQT year

• Over seeing school when Head and Deputy out

• Part of the SMT



Any other suggestions welcomed as I have to give it to my head by Friday.





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I think it will with us- there has been talk of jobs like my yearly years coordinators position and the SENCO- both currently hold management allowances- may not get TLRPs. Has to impact directly with the teaching of- thought we did but will have to wait and see.



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