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Bubble Mixture Recipe - Please Help!

Guest Tredworth

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Guest Tredworth

Can anyone help please? I have tried (with the children) to make bubble mixture following the recipe given in "The Little Book of Messy Play". It is as follows: 2 cups washing up liquid, 6 cups water and 5 tablespoons of sugar. We were all really disppointed when the mixture was too thin to use with bubble wands. I've tried playing around with the quanties and leaving it overnight but with no improvement. There are loads of recipes on the web, but I'd like to find one which is reliable so that the children can make it. If you have a recipe you know will work. Please let me know. Thanks!

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It also depends which brand of washing up liquid you use. We did bubble printing last week, which we've done many times before very successfully. However last week we just could not make enough bubbles to get a print - we couldn't work out why. It was very disappointing for the children, and they ended up blowing so hard, their little faces were covered in multi-coloured spots from the paint and they were quite puffed out.


By experimenting, we found that the Asda washing up liquid which we had been using does not create bubbles, whereas Fairy creates fantastic results. It was the same today when we tried to use wands for blowing bubbles, we used the Asda mixture, and even when neat it would not work.

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Guest Tredworth

Thank you all for your advice and the link to the previous thread - I didn't manage to find it earlier when I did a forum search! I was using cheap washing up liquid so will try with fairy and will experiment with glycerine. I really don't want to resort to buying the mixture because I like the idea of the children measuring and following a recipe. I'll let you know if it works!

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Does this help, got itfrom Americn site.

bubble mixture

I typed bubble mixture recipes into google and came up with loads of info, some of which give you ideas for making it with the children and extending learning. These are two of the recipes. Must admit I haven't tried them, I also use toys r us mixture which works well.


Recipe One

1 cup water

2 cups washing up liquid

Mix gently then let leave to settle for 2-4 hours before using.


Recipe Two

1 cup water

2 cups washing up liquid

½ to 1 cup Glycerine (you can buy this at a Chemist store)

Mix gently then let settle for 2-4 hours.


100mls (1/2 cup) washing up Liquid (Morning Fresh or Dawn work well)

900mls (4½ cups) Water (The quality of water in your area may affect the outcome of your mixture; soft water works better than hard water. To be on the safe side, Distilled Water is recommended.)

50mls (1/4 cup) Glycerine

Bubble Recipe #1

• 2/3 cup washing up liquid

• 4 cups warm water

• 1 tablespoon glycerin

Bubble Recipe #2

• 1/4 cup washing up liquid

• 2 cups water

• 2 tsp. glycerin

Bubble Recipe #3:

• 1 cup washing up liquid (Dawn and Joy are great)

• 10 cups water

• 1 tablespoon glycerin OR cooking oil (glycerin keeps longer)

Bubble Recipe #4:

• 6 Cup water

• 3/4 Cup corn syrup

• 2 Cup Joy dish-washing liquid

"Professor Bubbles" (bubbles.org) recommends:

• 1 part Joy or Dawn liquid dish soap

• 8 parts water

Exploratorium recommends:

• 2/3 cup Dawn dishwashing soap

• 1 gallon water

• 2 to 3 tablespoons of glycerine (available at the pharmacy or chemical supply house.)

Long-life bubble solution:

• 1/3 cup commercial bubble solution, such as "Wonder Bubbles" by ChemToy)

• 1/3 cup water

• 1/3 cup glycerine

Directions - for all recipes

• Pour the water in large container.

• Add liquid detergent and gently stir.

• Add rest of ingredients and stir.

• Transfer to storage container.

• Set aside for four hours before using to allow bubbles to settle.


What kind of soap do you use?

The simplest way to feed your bubble machine is to buy pre-mixed bubble solution at a toy store. The Toys-R-Us chain carries bubble solution in gallon-sized bottles at a good price.

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