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I'm being observed on Friday and need some inspiration please! I only teach Fridays and I've only taught my class for 2 full days and 2 half days - eek.

The focus of the lesson is counting. I can't use the plans that have been planned I need to do my own, For the whole class input my jobshare teacher is getting the children to close their eyes and count how many bricks she drops in a box. On the original plan it was to get the children to close their eyes while a number of bean bags were put in a hoop and the children had to count them, then show good practise of counting, ie touching the bags, moving them etc.

I'm really stuck! Any amazing ideas that I could do? I'd like to do numbers to 15, and then I'd send my numbers up to 5 children out with my TA.

I'm ok for the group work, I've got a group outside with numbers to 5 and they can collect objects to match their number, then inside I've got clear bags with a number to 10 and the children can collect items in their bags (this one is independent); and lastly boxes with a number of cubes up to 15/20 that the children have to count and find a matching number card.

Any ideas would be really appreciated, thank you x


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