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Please can anybody out there help me? I teach a Nursery class in a Private School and am getting very frustrated with my weekly planning!!! I have to teach Jolly Phonics at Nursery age, I also do a variety of other Literacy activities alongside Jolly Phonics. My colleague teaches the Mathematics and between us we cover the other areas of learning. I feel we do not get this planning down on paper in an appropriate, easy and helpful way.

Has anyone got any good working short term planning templates that work for you???


Also has anyone got any good Literacy ideas for Nursery children? I feel sometimes that all I am teaching them is Jolly Phonics and I am sure there must be lots of other literacy ideas that they would enjoy but feel that I have come to a sticking point at the moment!!!


Please can anybody help?



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sorry forgot to say my planing covers all of the area not just literacy or numeracy so not sure if this would help you. Letters and sounds have a table that you can print off and highlight games/activities that you like that your children like, helps with resources as well to make sure you have everything.


We have just swapped over to an objective led approach which is on another thread here and find if very useful there are some examples of literacy and numeracy planing in this and well worth a look

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