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he Blue here


I have just moved back from from working in a FS1 and FS2 abroad. Luckily there was abrill earlyy years team and the setting were developed with all the areas etc and planning and using the profile. I have found a job in a day nursey which was ashock with pay and conditions and the really long hours but as the children and staff are nice i have decied to give it a go . But i feel asbit like an alien as the Pre school room not to be called FS1 has no area definition, no structure, no adult led time, circle time and so on. Planning i am unsure about. The girls ask about my previous life and i have discussed the early years set up but they just say that there adviser has said not to do anything i have done before as i is not right. The setting i did work in have got a really good ofsten reports and won an excellance award.

I am a picture person as i forget things so if i do a disaplay or develop an area i take a photo of the beggining, middle and end result . I also comment on thing's that did not work etc. The girls have looked the pictures and things but i feel like i am bragging a bit as i want to do stuff and develop area but cant. e.g writing area and music area . As there are no adult focuses at the nursery or development files i am not sure i am doing my job right. But i also do not want to create any bad feeling's or ripples but i am not sure whay to do .

I am sorry if this seems like i am moaning and groaning but i can just see so much protenial and extended learning the children could get.

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Hi Bluebelle, No you are not moaning, just as you say, seeing potential. As an employer, I look for all my staffs' strengths and prior experiences and try to incorporate them into "our" practice., and you appear to have these strengths.


How long have you been in this new position?

Are there opportunities for you to discuss your ideas when others are not busy, on the shop floor, so to speak?


Hopefully you are able to give input at staff planning meetings. I think basically your problem is more about timing than "stepping on toes". Allow yourselves and others to get to know each other, form trust and professional respect before identifying areas for development ( until this relationship is formed it may be seen as you are defining areas of weakness rather than development)


Take one step at a time, possibly ask a senior, what areas would they like you to develop, rather than indicating you feel the need to develop.....


Can you talk to the advisor, not to overstep their interpretation of what he/she has said but to understand where he/she is coming from, in respect of what you have done before is not right?


let us know how you get on.




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It's often hard moving into a new setting for all sorts of reasons. One thing I think you are feeling is that there are some areas that you feel should be happening and aren't, for instance circle time, adult led activities. Personally, I think these are important areas for a child's development, pse etc

You may find yourself working with a team who have already been there for some time and are slightly nervous about someone new in their group or they are being led by someone who perhaps is not as competent as perhaps they might be. Clearly as Peggy suggests you need to play a bit of a waiting game, observe what it happening and then perhaps you can as Peggy suggests find out what areas they think they need to improve upon - we all have them - and try and make a few suggestions every now and again as to how you think it might work. By this time you will have something to support what you are saying - and once they know that you want to work with them and are willing to take a share of the responsibility and help in whatever way you can then maybe you will win their trust.

However, it maybe that the person in charge feels she needs to exert her authority and as we know this is not the best way of working as a team. Everyone has qualities and each person should be allowed to be given some credence and credibility to their thinking - however, not all team leaders acknowledge this and jsut seem to want to give out instructions, right or wrong, and expect everyone to fall in line. This is not good practice - I think perhaps time will tell and you may find some allies as well who may also think the way you do. As Peggy suggests they must have staff meetings and it would be good to see how they pan out.

So good luck, keep your head down for a while - get the lay of the land. work out who's who. Will you be having an early appraisal, if so, this could be brought up then.


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Thank you for the advices. I am going to lay low for a while and just go with the flow . Hopefully i minght be able to make some suggestions even if it is just to get other members of staff to stop the children and explain to them it is tidy up time and not to just start tidying up ourseleves lol. I will let you know watch this space.

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In a comment from your last post you suggest that you are used to stopping the children and tell them to tidy up....rather than do it yourselves.....

can I just say that we seldom tell the children to tidy up...

we set by example, start the process and find the children follow by example and complete the job for us..... no children running aroung shouting tidy up time... all become involved in it as an activity and surprisingly it all happens rather quickly...

if they do not follow your lead perhaps once you begin the process you could encourage children to help.

We all have our own methods and until you have been anywhere long enough need to sit back, bide your time, do not dismiss it, and actually see if it works....some of the practice may seem strange and very different but after a while you may find some make sense. Those that you believe you can improve on make suggestions at an appropriate time, we should all be aware that we need to improve but each have our own method of working.


have you seen their last OFsted report...look on line to see it if it is not available in the setting. (ours is on display for all parents and staff to read at all times but I know not all do this)


we all need to change and progress but take time watch observe and to evaluate and see if it works before trying to change things.



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