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Hi all . . .


The setting I am workin in this year has just invested in ipads / the 2simple build a profile app to support practitiones in collecting evidence - does anybody have any expeience of using this at all???


Would you be willining to share + / - points??

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We use it and we love it. It saves so much time as you can write notes up there and then, rather than writing on post its and copying up later. You can also go back later to link to eyfs and characteristics of effective learning.


We like the fact that you can also download the obs from the 2simple site onto a word document and make them more personal to your setting- adding borders etc.


We still print off the obs and place them in learning journeys as our parents love our learning journeys.


Hope that helps :1b

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Thanks for the repsonse klc106 - hope you don't mind me asking a couple more questions about the app . . .


* * How long have you had it in your setting?

* What device do you use it on?

* How many devices do you hae (ie does each member of staff hve their own??)

* How easy did you find the set up?


Once again - many thanks for you response x

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We started using it after easter this year. We use 1 ipod touch for our pre-school setting and we share it between us. It is easy to set up, once your purchase it they send all the information you need, then you can add the children's names and photos- this has to be done on a computer with internet and then you sync your device to get them onto their.

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