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I was doing really well with JP and had introduced the first set of phonemes s a t i p :D


Now the teacher who actually owned the manuel has reclaimed for it back xD


Will order replacement but need to know next few phonemes please so I can continue until delivery! :o

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Guest tinkerbell


I think it is

n c k e h r m d g ou l f b

Have you tried the jolly phonics website? they do an action sheet for the letters and other stuff

hope this helps


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Just dug out my Jolly Phonics book, the order is:-


s a t i p n

c k e h r m d

g o u l fb

ai j oa ie ee or

z w ng v oo (hook) oo (boo)

y x ch sh th (thin) th (that)

qu ou oi ue er ar


Hope that's what you needed!




PS Hope I got the 'oos' and 'ths' round the right way: but you get my drift!

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