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Ofsed file-good idea?


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Assuming you are phase leader?

  • Your phase development plan colour coded Red: still to do, Amber: implemented but no impact evaluation yet, Green: implemented and impact evaluate
  • Your phase data analysis from most recent data plus EYFSP outcomes plus your judgement on what your data says about effectiveness of teaching and learning over time
  • Your monitoring of teaching and learning/planning etc including monitoring of support staff effectiveness
  • Impact evaluations of any interventions you have in place


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I know every ones experience is different but when OFSTED came to us, (I am phase leader, they wanted me to talk with knowledge not interested in any paperwork. My advice would be to keep what you need to "talk the talk". They were happy for me to refer to my file to check out a statistic but my advice would be don't create yourself extra work. Put your time and effort into teaching that is what they are really interested in seeing.

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