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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but have so far found it really useful.

I am starting as supervisor in Sept at a play school and would love some advice on planning.

I have come up with a play plan which is a form detailing what children enjoy doing and intended learning outcomes. What do others do to inform their planning? County have said that this document is ok as long as we keep jotting additional notes, etc onto it but then the parents have got to have an input too, I think they will get sick of looking at additions on the play plan and signing for them. Has anyone got any examples of what they do?



I am really bogged down with how many children's different interests have got to be catered for I don't understand how every child can be planned for individually? Any comments would be so appreciated!!!

Thank you

Lucy :blink: Play Plan 2013.odt

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we cater for individual children's interest by each key person planning individually for each of their children.

my key people have a morning each to just key work.

we sometimes have an over arching topic but it is evolved around the children's ideas


running with that will be what other children are interested in

i.e. I child loved volcanos, another building , another spiders etc.

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My staff plan for their key children by jotting down interests and then decide which ones we will focus on during the next week on a rolling basis, so, for example, if child A likes dinosaurs, child B likes pouring, child C likes role play, then I would plan an activity for child A week 1, check child B still likes pouring and plan for him in week 2 etc. We each have 10/12 children each so usually actually plan for 2 each week so each child has a focus week per half term(ish). As the interest sheet is being changed constantly as childrens interests change then when it that childs turn to be a 'focus child', we have an up to date idea of their interests. In practice it is more fluid than it sounds as sometimes these interests overlap with other key families and my child will join in and be observed even though he may not be focus child that week. We also pop in spontaneous activities if, for example, a child requests something or if we have some feedback from parents

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Thanks for replying. I have since changed everything! My EYO told me that I would go insane trying to plan for each child every day ( I was actually doing this)! Now we listen to the interests of the children and that is what we plan for the following week, (we make sure everyone gets a turn) and we incorporate each childs' next steps into that planning plus we have continuous provision which is really helpful. We try to stay flexible too (ish)

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