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We have recently moved premises and now have pegs. We were going to have the children's photos next to their names but decided as there may be other users of the premises, this presented a child protection issue xD


Then I was going to just put a picture by each peg - there are 26 pegs so I thought I would just use the alphabet. Each child assigned a picture FAB. Nope. Staff said they would have to keep checking which child had which picture. So, then decided to put picture and name.


THEN saw an idea on here to have a picture starting with the same sound as the name. AHA :o like that idea....



many hours spent on Sunday trying to find approproate images that were completely unambiguous and matching sounds. Was OK until I realised I have FOUR beginning with E and it has to be E as in Elephant so not ear.

I have Elephant, Egg and Eleven (matched to a child who knows numerals very well!)


I also have several beginning with A - nearly all as in Apple.


HELP - any ideas?????

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some of these will be a bit "off the wall" but may work!!


Acrobat, Africa, anchor, ant, antelope, apple tree, astronaught, atom.


Envelope, Estonia , Escargot, (Idid say!!) .... :D ...



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I managed to get enough clip art to do mine this way. Where I was really stuck I used a decorated letter (from clip art - just type in A) and they have some designs with the letter such a on a building block or a chalk board) but otherwise managed to find something different for everyone.


To add to Inges list there is also alligator, ambulance man, african elephant,


Eskimo, egg,



Did you see the bears which were posted by Lorna over the summer, they were lovely


I will try and add a link to it but not sure if I am doing it right



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Thanks guys. Got you thinking eh? :o


OK I have used Apple, Ambulance, Arrow and Acorn (for an Aidan)

Elephant, Envelope, Eleven and Egg


I did see the bears - they were lovely.

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