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Hey everyone


I'm working on my planning system (as I've mentioned a million times before, lol) and I decided to make a resource folder full of typed focus activities for the basic stuff, showing which Areas of development it links in with and which ELG and stepping stones it 'may' relate to.


I figured this will give the staff a base and these sheets can be used over and over again where the activity is relevant or it can be extended upon etc.


So I'm looking for a list of basic activities, just incase I miss any obvious ones, Im working like this....


PAINTING - Spinge painting, Finger painting, comb painting, Easel painting, Porridge painting etc etc


So I'm categorising them all to make it as easy as possible. So if people would like to leave any suggestions for basic activities, cause I'm bound to miss some, and different people have different ideas so I thought I may find some new ideas too. (Hope no one minds)





Nic x

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Hi Nic,


I too thought of this a while ago, I started making what I called "Prompt Cards" to put near activities for parent helpers and unqualified staff.

Each A5 size card had Activity Title ie: Dough, possible learning area , Learning objective, key words, Adult role.

I started doing them just for dough ie with tools, without tools, making own dough, etc. These were laminated and put into an A5 file. My EYAT thought they were brilliant. The idea being each time dough with tools was put out, the card was available as well. However, when I thought about and realised the actual time it would take to make them ( even with every member of staff involved) and the usefulness of them it wasn't time and money cost effective or that productive, there would be so many of them they would become impractical to store, find and then use.


Your idea is less specific than mine. What we do now is plan resources for child initiated activities and then produce a sheet with Activity name, possible area/ learning outcome ( although you do have to be careful that this doesn't make the activity adult led- childs learning focus can go in so many directions it is impossible to write them all pre-activity) Adult role ( including just observe) and Key words/questions ( children don't like to be questioned all the time).

These are now being produced gradually each week and are forming into a useful resource to use in the future. I think.

A little often rather than all at once is how this resource file is developing.


We have yet to find out whether they will be re-used and will be useful in the future. I do think that just the process of thinking about these things prior to a session is enough for staff ( although they are useful for parents to see what children may learn during a specific activity and we will use the file for Ofsted evidence)



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Thanks for the replies


Peggy - I like the sound of what your doing. My sheets are quite specific too, I dont think i am awfully good at writing what I mean, lol. We have a sheet for each activity, like sponge painting, string painting etc, breaking each one down into what is needed, how its delivered, and like I said what ELG's it meets and stuff.

I'm hoping to provide enough to get the staff started and show a guideline for how our Focused activity planning should go.



Beau - Thanks for the links


Nic x

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This sounds an awful lot of work! Couldn't you just write them up as you go along, to spread the load?


do you keep your planning sheets togeter after you have finished them we keep our in a folder divided into the 6 ares of learning you could always put them into different play oppurtinities ie playdough. i hope this makes sense it has been a long day.

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