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Coordinating areas of the EYFS

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Hi everyone


I can understand staff sharing tasks and responsibilities, but it has now been suggested in our setting that each member of staff lead a curriculum area. I was wondering what anyone else thought about this? I formerly worked in the primary sector and have coordinated different subject areas quite happily, but this seems to go against the idea of the EYFS and all areas being interlinked.


Best wishes



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This has in the past been suggested to us also Dennie will watch this thread with interest!!! like you we were a little uncertain but I think it could be a good thing would mean that each area gets real focus rather than split attention xx

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Would this depend on the type of coordination you want? It could be from just responsibility for resourcing an area right through to the staff member being responsible for leading staff meetings and monitoring.


Teachers are generally expected to coordinate a subject area once out of their nqt year as this is about contributing to the wider effectiveness of the school, regardless of year group they teach so this would be a similar rationale maybe for doing it in the setting?

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We do this, it works well for us.


The member of staff goes on additional training in the area.

They plan activities, manage the resources and restocking of the area...obviously running costs by the manager before purchases are made.

Children who have a speficic need in an area are flagged to the area coordinator and then they plan activities for these children.

Obviously the key person still plans for the child also.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.


In this case my manager is thinking along the lines of each practitioner having overall responsibility for developing a curriculum area, renewing resources and leading on this area. I am concerned that some unqualified staff will feel reluctant to do this and further training will be required if we go down this route. I do believe it's healthy for everyone to play an active part in the team though.

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I am currently going through this with my staff team as we are a new nursery and all have different backgrounds and strengths.


Chel Andrews your post is really helpful!!


My ideas for early years assistant practitioners, who are either unqualified or less confident etc were to give them an area such as SENCO assistant or Equality and Inclusion officer assistant so that they can learn and develop with a more experienced and knowledgeable practitioner until they feel able to fully understand and achieve what is expected from their specialism/role. They could be the one who actually researches certain things, prints, creates templates etc under the advice and instructions of the other practitioner.


They could then be given their own area, but still be an assistant to someone else?


What about things such as Messy play activities, or Using music or planting and growing etc? Tap into what they already like or know about and make it into their specialism. As they grow, this could too?



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In my opinion is that staff will be more interested in their job if they are able to become involved.


Just like our children - tap into their interests, if they are interesting in art, let them lead the craft area - similarly, some people enjoy the outside area more than others, let the people who enjoy these activities lead this, the children will feed off staff's enthusiasm or even lack of it so it should be a win - win


This is how we operate

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