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I am having a Halloween party this month. Does anyone have any suggestions on games?


The children will be dressing up and there will be prize giving. The parents will also be coming, as we are trying to raise money for our adopted Donkey.





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Instead of pin the tail on the donkey (altho with the cause you are fundraising for - could be apt!) witch on the broom? Or nose on the pumpkin?


If the children aren't too young you could play that game where you have a pile of pumpkin seeds on a plate. The children have an empty plate and a straw, they have to suck to hold a seed onto the straw to pass it to the empty bowl. First to finish wins.


Sweets on top of a mound of flour. Have to get them out with hands behind back


Spiders web. In a circle each has a ball of string/wool. They throw the balls across the circle to each other several times resulting in a right old tangle - the idea is to retrieve your own ball and try to untangle it but usually this never happens and you end up with a lot of giggles and knots!


Knots and tangles. Kids in pairs. You call out two body parts (I usually write them on cards and pull out of a hat as I freeze when on the spot!) and they have to touch them together. So if you had nose and left elbow, each pair would have to touch the other person's nose with their left elbow.




Can I come?

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As an alternative to apple bobbing (which is actually really difficult!) I have tied doughnuts up and children have to try and eat these with their hands behind their backs instead. :)

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