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Think the market is so big and so many free ones out there it may take a while to find ones you like..

as a starting point... http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/10-best-free-android-apps-for-kids-956171


gives latest childrens apps...


steamy windows is fun...tried that one... not the others, but following a few led me on to lots of others.


perhaps go to google play on the pc and do a search for free children's apps and try a few out.. if free they are easy to remove if you don't like them



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not sure if the apps for this tablet are the same as for iPad, but my granddaughter (now 4) has really enjoyed these since she was about 1 yr old

Duck Duck Moose (simple interactive games some with increasing levels of difficulty), and these

Kidsactive - Leo's pad (science based),

Tick Tock Toys (problem solving and directional tasks),

Sort it Out (matching and sorting)

Fireman Sam (matching/finding/finger control)

Match Pics

Dora's Playtime

Guess with Jess

Postman Pat (problem solving and visual recognition)

Paint Sparkle (touch and paint)


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some may be available on the android market, but a lot of the iones are not...


I did try some of those listed and Guess with Jess gave an interesting not child orientated result!

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