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For users of Tapestry -

We are hoping to be purchasing Tapestry over the summer holidays, but would like to get some feedback from settings first.

How would you rate it? (poor 1 - 5 excellent)


1. Time management - has it saved you & your staff time, is it efficient?

2. Easily accessable/usable - uplaoding photo's, adding info & assesments?

3. How easy is it to link to EYFS?

4. Making termly assesments/cohorts? - is this automatically generated from the information put in by the key person or is this a seperate task?

5. If your setting is using tablet's (as this is the route we would take), do you have any recommendations (other than i-pad's)...budget's!?!


Lots of questions I know, but any info/feedback would be great!




:-) x

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1. Yes, we do find it quicker and more time-efficient. Apart from anything else, there's no longer a need for endless printing and cutting out of photos, so it saves on paper and printing costs too! It's very user-friendly (see below) which makes it quick and easy to use.

2. It's really easy to use. We have some staff who don't have particularly good IT skills but having been shown how to use it, have taken to it very well. I think it's much easier to use than we thought it would be.

3. All of Development Matters and CoEL are there for you. You just find the right one and click to make the assessment.

4. Yes, it's all done. You can access it all from 'manage analysis' and can look at individual children or the group(s) as a whole.

5. Sorry can't help with this one, we use PC's and a digital camera.

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We are using iPads. Have only had tapestry three weeks but it has had a huge impact. The quality of observation is much higher... Plus we don't have to print photos and match to sticky labels any more!!

We are having a few issues with the app... Have lost a few videos during the saving process and sometimes the screen freezes. But overall we are very very pleased.

Where are you? We are in Worcester. If you are nearby you are welcome to come and see us.

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