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expressive art and design advice please


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someone suggested a development matters advice area on this site and here's another one!!


what would you expect to see for these?


  • makes up rhythms
  • taps out simple repeated rhythms

not sure what expectation is - simple is a wooly word :o

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Hi Sooty99,

we would look for children who can copy a simple rhythm. So we practise rhythms that go with Nursery rhymes e.g. tapping out 'Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall' and they copy this rhythm. Then we look for children who can make up a rhythm and repeat it themselves - it might be part of a song or just their own rhythm. So one of my girls this week was shaking the maracas - long shake, 2 short shakes, long shake and repeating this while marching round.

Not sure if that's right - just my interpretation of it.

Green Hippo x

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gosh we have a little boy who does this all the time!

makes up rhthyms can be verbal or physical imo. so the child who does the football chants or repeated word chants ...he...lo...he..lo..he.lo (as in hello!)or the football clap 12-123 and can repeat with the correct spacing....tapping out being able to do this with an intrument/stick/shaker etc

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