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I have been told I am putting to much detail into my planning and not differentiating enough between adult led, child initiated etc. Any one got any really good examples? Any completed examples to look at?

Thank you very much, spent a whole year getting to this point so a bit disappointed to have to change it, it will however cut the time I spend doing it!


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Hi theglitterteam and welcome to the forum :D


I can hear your disappointment and I hope between us the FSF peeps can offer some ideas and reassurance that you are on the right track.


Have a look at some of the following previous discussions and resources from the library;














I am sure some more folk will be along soon but hope these items offer some help :1b



Admin Team

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Thank you for your reply. I am still struggling to find something that works, I was covereing all seven areas and listing phases of development, wasn't listing adult led experiences seperately but was annotating which children had led to us having the activity........I could really do with a format that has been completed to see the language otehrs use when planning for their team. I run a preschool and I felt that I needed to put in the phases of developement/link that the team may see when observing the children and I felt it was foolproof for them.....writing less just makes me worry they will not linking to EYFS, not get the most out of the activity etc....perhaps I am worrying too much


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