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Hi everyone,

I'm being observed (Headteacher) on Wenesday and this week I'm hoping to do doubling.

The children are mainly confident with numbers to around 15, with some confident to 20 and others only to 10, they understand the concept of adding two groups of objects and most can add 2 sigle digit numbers.

I'm stuck with how to introduce the concept on Monday, in order to have something engaging and which I can show good progress happening on Wednesday.


Can someone help me with some enhancements to my provision that would enable lots of independent doubling to take place - We're moving towards an ABC does way of teaching as I feel we have been rather 'group work' focussed and I want to prove to my head that it's a good idea as she has put her faith in me to take the leap with it!


I'm going to ask my LSA to use the doubling 'soup for 1' idea posted by HelenD26, and I'm hoping to use children's play to consolidate the doubling concept - I'm quite scared to be being observed and not be working with groups!


Please help, this is my first obs since returning from maternity and I want to prove to myself that I can do it and I'm failing at the planning stage :(


Thank you

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Printing spots on ladybirds, or with counters as a game. Show or pick a number and put spots on one side to correspond. At instruction double it, put same counter spots on other side and count how many altogether. Or with paint fold it over and press down, then open and count.

This could then be extended to writing number sentences, to correspond. IF you have some really able children you might be able to introduce idea of 2 x table?

With smaller numbers, counting in 2s rather than 1s?


Or any variation of idea.

You could also use dominoes, which are doubles and why? Simple bingo type board games or snap?


Hope all goes well.

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Could you have a shape investigation - put out a selection of paper 2D shapes and get the chidlren to investigate which ones stay the same shape when they halve them and which ones change. what happens if they then halve them again? Do any of them return to their original shape?

Sharing out amounts - play out a picnic with a variety of foods and encourage the children to share it out so that it is fair. Give them a simple format to record their work.

Doubling - give children an activity to complete where each teddy has to have double the amount of objects as the previous teddy, what happens when the numbers get larger? does it get too difficult or can it be done a different way?

Water - provide the children with bottles that have coloured water in them, can they make their own bottles up that have double the amount of liquid? or half the amount of liquid for the more able.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Because of the progress made in the week I had to alter my planning and we moved onto halving (sharing) in the obs lesson.

I began by using doubling children in my mental starter, then went on to use a ladybird on the whiteboard and shared spots equally on each side - using vocab for half etc.

Then we went into cont. prov which I had enhanced playdough with beads, lolly sticks, cake cases etc, had floor and table dominos out, ladybird game as we'd used on IWB and another version on the carpet.

My TA was using a 2,4,6,8,10,12 dice and halving real sweets between two teddies.

I used my next steps in learning planning sheet to target chn in the continuous provision and move their learning forward.


The head loved it and I got good with many outstanding features using an OFSTED guidance obs sheet so I was really pleased and she couldn't think of anything to write for how to improve on that lesson (just that the other things in the outstanding box were things you couldn't see in one stand alone lesson) so my targets were quite generic to general practice.


Thanks for everyones help x

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