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I do P4C sessions every week and have done for the past 3 years. Ideas that I have used are...


  • Baboon on the Moon short film - http://www.ossiebacon.com/Site/animations.html
  • Reality Bites short film - www.pocketmovies.net
  • Meteor Christmas Reindeer advert. Using the audio as a stimulus to provoke discussion about what the visuals could be - www.youtube.co.uk
  • Pocket movies is a great site and there is lots more to use.
  • What’s under the sheet? - Cover an obscure object with a sheet and the children have to use language to describe what it feels like and then discuss what it could be, adding on from previous comments to include other’s ideas and develop a creative storyline.
  • Mystery object - Put an unusual object in the middle of the circle and encourage children to ask Q. You may want to focus Q on specific openers (what? Why?)
  • Execution of a rhinocerous in venice - artwork - children ask questions and we them vote on the question we want to discuss.
  • A Present - a box with a mirror inside wrapped in appealing shiny paper. Children pose questions, usually leading on to discussions about, who gets presents? what does it mean to be good?
  • Philosophy bear brings a question for them to talk about .....Would you rather be rich for a day or have a best friend for life? Would you rather lie down with a lion or swim with a shark? What if there were no schools? would you rather be a door or a window? would you rather be smart or popular? What if we had wings? what if fish could fly? What if trees could talk?
  • BBC philosophy clips - what makes me me?

I always introduce philosophy by introducing a bear called Phil, who is good at asking questions. I then get them to ask him questions to first focus on what a question is.


Hope this helps

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