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Antibiotics - again!

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Hi all


A child I look after has been off today as they had to take him to A&E last night. Mum text me at 2am(!!) this morning to tell me child would not be attending as he has inflamed tonsils and ear drums. They were given antibiotics to give him if the pain hadnt gone later in the day.


Mum has just text to say that 'a load of yellow gunk' has come out of his ears and the doctor has said to start the antibiotics. She said he seems fine but tired after his long night.


She wants him to come back to me tomorrow but Im not happy about this as surely he is still infectious as he has had to start antibiotics? Am I right to say no? Surely he wont have got over, what appears to be, an ear and throat infection in 24hrs. As well as the other children I look after, I have my own who are doing exams this month. I think mum is unhappy with my reaction as she has not texted me back. The same child attended all last week with a heavy cold.


Would like to know what others would do in this situation.

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Oh dear, well it may not be infectious could be viral - but poor little chap cant be feeling well with it. What do you say in your policies about illness (i would go by that) :)

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I would not take the child.


Our policy says "We provide care for healthy children through preventing cross infection of viruses and bacterial infections. Where children have been prescribed antibiotics, parents are asked to keep them at home for 48 hours before returning to the setting".


Parents sign to say they agree with our policies on joining so we are covered.


Not easy.....I have become really disheartened about poorly children being sent in recently.

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Thanks for your replies

This is where I need to review my policy - the 48hr rule only applies to the sickeness and diarorreah. I will amend my policy to include where a child has been prescribed antibiotics.


If it was viral surely antibiotics would not be needed?


This child is the only one I currently look after during the day (I have a few before/after school) as his behavour is very bad. I have turned down children as I would not take them on knowing they were going to get hit/bitten. Therefore when he is not with me I get most of the day off. Im sure mum thinks this is why i wont have him - which is not true.


I understand mum and dad have to work, I was in the same position before I started child minding, but I cant afford to have poorly children here.


He had a heavy cold all last week and I let him stay. He was very tired with dark shadows under his eyes and a thick green runny nose. I try my best to accomodate everyones needs but there has to be a limit.

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We try to remind our parents of our policy in a nice way....I would like to think!


We make it clear that while it is not our policy to look after sick children, who should be at home until they are well enough to return to the setting we will administer medication as part of maintaining their health and well being or when they are recovering from an illness...i.e after 48 hours following the start of antibiotics.


From my experience, when a parent says the child is fine and well enough, I can only imagine Calpol must feature somewhere. We all know that children rally during these periods but it doesn't mean they are well enough, in fact children can really dip very quickly before the Calpol wears off and then the child has an hour at least of symptoms i.e temperature, pain... before the next dose can be given.

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