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Help.....Inappropriate DVDs etc

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I look after a child who is nearly 7yrs old. I have known the family since she was a few weeks old and looked after her since she was 20months. I get on really well with both parents who separated around 18months ago.


Recently, dad wrote on facebook that his child had been watching 'Bride of Chucky' and it was one of her favourite films - this is rated 18!! I challenged him about this to which he replied that it wasnt that bad.


The child now visits dad every weekend and during this time acts out zombie roles, complete with facepaint, which are filmed by dad and his friend and put on facebook.


This makes me very incomfortable. As Im friends with both mum and dad and their families, I dont know how to deal with this if at all.


Is it just me? Does anyone else think this is inappropriate?


thanks for reading

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Hmmm tricky one.....yes it is inappropriate for a 7 year old to watch an 18 rated movie


The lines blur somewhat when the said parent gives their consent for the child to watch the 18 rated movie


As for dressing up as a zombie.....lots of children do at Halloween and everyone seems to think that is perfectly acceptable and if the child was dressing up as a clown or buzz lightyear or a penguin complete with face paint and costume wouldn't that be perfectly ok????


I guess it is a concern which you should note and if the weekend activities start to impact on the way the child behaves in your care then you have to have a conversation with dad.....what does mum say?


Sadly parents don't always make the right choices because they don't have the training and knowledge we have as practitioners :( ....... having said that even when we do we sometimes get it wrong :ph34r: :blink:

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My niece is 10, she and my nephew stay with my brother every weekend, he lives at my moms. My brother is a movie buff, old Hollywood and British films, Dracula Frankenstein, Hitchcock thrillers and my neice and nephew have grown up watching them, my niece loves scary films and I know a lot of them are age inappropriate, but she's with a loving family in a safe place.

I dont have any concerns because I know what kind of child she is, her background and the family (obviously trying to be really objective)


What exactly are you worried about with your child?

Is it the age inappropriate films?

Is it the dressing up?

Is it the being filmed for facebook?


My brother would let the children do things he knew their mom didnt approve of as a kind od 'so what, they're my kids too' attitude. Thats warn off over the years but certainly after 18 months he was still thinking that way.

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Thanks for your help


It isnt the dressing up that concerns me as I know its normal to do so especially at Halloween. Its the acting out scenarios part that Im concerned about and also the child watching 18 rated horror films. They must be rated 18 for a reason.


With regards to mum, I dont know how much she knows and I dont want to cause trouble in an already difficult situation by telling her. Obviously if it starts to affect the child then I will have to say something.


I will make a note of it and leave it on her file just in case it comes up in the future.

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