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Impetigo - Do We Need To Clean All Toys?


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Hi everyone,

We have had two reported cases of impetigo at the playgroup within the last 2 days. One mum, who is a teacher herself, has said that we will need to disinfect every single object in the nursery. I have changed the sand, made new playdough and wiped all surfaces already. Do I need to scrub every toy that has been played with in the last week or so? Please nooooo!!

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we had this end last term....contacted NHS direct for advice and they said not necessary to wash everything providing good hygiene standards are followed, particularly as 'this is a skin infection caused by a bacterium (staphylococcus aureus) that normally lives on the skin surface without any ill effect. The bacterium often lives harmlessly inside the nose of many people. Occasionally it gets inside the skin and multiplies, causing a problem.' Taken from NHS directweb site.


(seems some children can get it simply by picking their nose and then touching a scratch on thier skin!)


they aslo gave following link for advice Impetigo


Our biggest problem was that parents didnt seem to see the need to keep thier children away until infection was cleared.



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