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Investigation and Exploration Boxes


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I am looking at creating some exploration and investigation boxes for pre-school to use in our investigating area and also outside.

I’m a bit stuck on what ‘themes’ I could use for the boxes.

I have thought about:

· Exploring Sounds box (saucepans, metal/plastic bowls, spoons, echo microphones)

· Exploring Outdoor Materials box (leaves, conkers, pine cones etc.)

· Discovery bottles box

· Den making box (materials, pegs etc.)

Anyone got any ideas?


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You could try going on to 'Amazon' and note what Sally Featherstone (and others) have provided books about ... from sewing and weaving to junk music, mark-making and messy play - and look out for the 'Look inside' books - the contents often give inspiration!


I have the Little Book of Prop Boxes for Role Play' - this includes: The bird hide, Busy scissors - at the hairdressers, Washing day, Shining wheels, In a jungle, Can we build it? - Yes we can! Most of which will give you some pretty good ideas for themes.


Then there is the 'Little Book of Bags, Boxes and Trays' - this includes: The feelings bag, The weather box, Writing boxes, Colour and patters bag, An explorer's rucksack, Outdoor weaving box, Gardner's barrow, Rhyme time, The painter's box, Hunting for a bear etc.


If you want any more info on these 2 books - just let me know.

Good luck!


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That's just what I'm planning to do in the summer term, Scarlettangel! Do you have any tips? (Sorry to gatecrash this post, klc!).

I had intended to use the 'fixing station' trolley (indoors - though it could easily be wheeled outside).

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Guest lillybeth

Have a look on the imagination tree website some excellent ideas . I have also found an Aussie site called irresistible ideas for play based learning the blog is fantastic and there are some amazing ideas.

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