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Please can anyone suggest how I might differentiate an adult-led music activity? My head is spinning with planning and I have a total blank! :( Though the wine last night probably didn't help :blink:

I will have a group of 8 children and the objectives are to 'maintain attention, sit quietly and concentrate appropriately', 'respond to instructions' and 'join in'.

I am expecting ...

all children to join in and take turns to play their instruments,

most children to listen and respond

and some children to make appropriate sounds including loud, soft, fast and slow.

Please help

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are all the children using the same instrument? if you refer to development matters much of it is about rhythms....so perhaps try a simple one first (steady beat ) to a more complex one. Make a pattern with your instrument? can you sing a song and play the tune? can you change the rythm or tempo in a group, then individually for those who can do it. can one of the children be the conductor.....wide hands means loud noise/ close hands means quiet /hands together means stop.Then you can try getting louder quieter ...can they do this with their voice too? can they keep the same note and get louder/quieter (bet they cant xD )

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