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partnership ith parents and their childs home learning


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I am after some advice, ideas etc


i am wondering if anybody else is having the same problems as me. i send forms out to parents, tr to get them invoved nd make inks with hom and never get any of the paperwork back,


how can i get parent on board so we can support their childs learning at home and how do i evidence this. please help


thank you in advance

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We too are starting to struggle with this, we never used to. We have always had a parent rota which was really well supported and gave us so much information from it was great and for those that do still support it we have a great relationship with and the child's folders really advocate this.


However since the increase to 3 hours we have noticed a huge change and some parents don't want to stay.

I don't know if it's because it's too long - although we have told parents they can stay for as long as they want not the full 3 hrs if they don't want to.

It's not because they are working, because we know that they don't.

We feel its because they just don't want to, and how you change that I really don't know.

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Something we did was to get each key person to ask his/her key parents what method of sharing home learning would suit them and the key person takes the individual responsibility of taking this up. For the diehards that just ''wont engage'' we wrote down any conversation that we had with the parent and used that evidence as information sharing with parents. We actually found there was a lot of home learning happening, we just weren't recording these informal chats with parents. A lot of the time we are trying to get parents to fit into the traditional paradigm of parent engagement and when they don't, it frustrates our efforts of our deemed parent partnership. Sorry don't mean to rant, we struggled with this too until we really reflected on why it wasn't working....then did a research project on it......boring I know but it worked for us! x I am sure others will have lots to share too.

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