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Help Needed - Slight Panic


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Hello there people


I am almost sure that i have posted this before but can i find it anywhere?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? .......................... think i may be going mad!


In order to share what we do with parents (oh... and to tick another box on the school SEF form) we are putting on a Basic Skills assembly to show off we are doing to learn numbers, counting, intial sounds etc.. each class in the school is putting on a turn.


I have just been looking through my diary and had a slight panic - this is happening 2 weeks tomorrow!


Anyone out there got any simple but effective ideas that i could pinch .... PRETTY PLEASE



Sarah :D

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You posted on 12 Sept under Lounge/Golden time

Sorry don't know how to do links if you go to topics and then lounge golden time you should see it


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Aw, now you're just showing off!! :D:oxD

Seriously, thank you very much. I have followed your link and the subsequent one and am now printing off the details. I see Peggy has had some fun trying so maybe I will pluck up the courage too...

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