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Guest LornaW

Hammers, nails, screwdrivers, saws etc! Large cardboard boxes and tubes unusual objects. Nuts and bolts, things from the hardware store, sticks and twigs, magnets , big paint brushes, paint trays you may use at home, sponge rollers....


How about asking the boys what they would like?



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We find pencil cases and small rucksacks with Ben10, spiderman and moshi monster motifs full of art materials draws the boys in

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some of ours showed and interest in paper aeroplanes this week and once one started they all wanted to make - however - it was very difficult task due to the accuracy needed in folding techniques although they had a really good go. Then I checked out the hoop glider idea


lots of investigation, critical thinking, problem solving went on - would have been easy to show them how first but it led to some fantastic discovery moments until we got them to glide and soar -

I think they key is to discover what they want to do - we have a planning meeting each week for the very purpose of finding out what the children want to do in the creative area that way you can plan to meet their individual needs. Sometimes a suggestion will spark some ideas as we find that some haven't got any idea other to paint or draw - showing them some photos helps to inspire their own ideas.

Hope this helps/makes sense

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If they like blocks try junk modelling....pile of boxes etc and then add things like elastic bands, rolls of sellotape or masking tape (easy for them to tear) paper clips/spilt pins for them to use to join boxes/tubes together


Try printing with the blocks they like building with (if they are washable) or printing with toy cars / rolling marbles

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