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Ever heard of TACTYC?


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I am doing a small piece of work for a colleague and would welcome your thoughts on this:

  • Do you have any knowledge and awareness of TACTYC? What are your impressions of it as an organisation?

  • Any thoughts about how well they connect to under represented (ethnic minority) groups in early years?

  • How can they effectively reach a wider constituency of people in early years?




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My only experiences of TACTYC are the excellent Research Journals which grace the shelves of University Libraries and also their Newsletter. Research related to EY's from the UK and abroad is published in these and so fascinating that I have 'wasted' hours reading them, off the subject I was supposed to be researching. I believe it is a highly regarded organisation, and you can gain an idea of the people behind it, and the ways in which they are trying to influence outcomes for children and EY's professionals, by reading their members list and the Reflections section. Sorry I can't be more help but I'm sure someone else can.

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