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We are currently having awful problems with PHS Wastetechm they are by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with, they put their prices up with no warning (we have gone from £48 to almost £90) in the space of one month, they do not allow you to get out of your contract unless you write to them 3 months before the anniversary of your contract, but they dont tell you when that is and they have a different 'customer services rep' or 'account manager' everytime you call.


We are taking legal advice so this post is two fold, firstly, please steer WELL CLEAR of any of the PHS ALLclear companies and secondly, if you are experiencing problems with them too, please let me know if you want me to tell you what our solicitor says.

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I finally got out of a contract with them last year after a lot of hassle and nastiness - really poor working practices, exorbitant price rises, and a shoddy standard of service too. Am with Initial now - far better and no 'hidden' extras or clauses !

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They are a terrible company to deal with. (They take all the nappies away).

I've got shut of them. If i wasn't going through a stressful time, i would have let them try and take me to court.


I sent a letter to cancel with over 3 months notice and they said they never received it.

They just make up thier own rules and prices!

I ended up cancelling my direct debit and disposed of the nappies myself as we only had a couple of children in nappies.


If you can hack it, let them take you to court, as apparhently they go ill prepared and often their cases are dismissed.

I paid a get out fee of around £120.


I'm not sure if you can cancel due to being dissatified with their services? When you do send a letter, you need to make sure you send it recorded delivery and it has to be to a certain department. Check out reviews on PHS as you'll find people offer some good advice on what to do and also you can actually see how bad they really are!!!


Hope you manage to get rid of them as they are the most corrupt company. If able to communicate via email, i would do that as at least you have records if needed.

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They are the most unpleasant company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. I contacted them to ask for an explination of the new bill, the man explained that they had reviewed the way they charge and now charge per bin not per amount of bags, I asked how as a customer I was supposed to have been made aware of that, he told me I 'probably' hadn't been sent a letter. What sort of company operates like this? Can you imaging almost doubling your fees then telling parents, you 'probably' hadn't let them know?? they have pathetic excuses for any question you ask them and they have now lied openly to me by telling me that during a converation with my partner, he had agreed to the service continuing as it is, when I told him that I had been sitting next to my partner when he was on the phone and he agreed absolutely no such thing, he then suggested that maybe I had got confused?? Im not confused, they are lying immoral and a disgrace to all the honest companies working in the sector.


This link has more information about their bully tactics. the soon we are rid of them, the better, I am hoping our solicitor can help us pronto!!


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