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Hi all!


Hope you can help! I've just been asked to teach the Reception class in my school after the Easter break. It's just to get them to the end of the year but I'm quite nervous!!


I've only ever done Nursery before and worked as the Early Years Manager - I feel like I should know what I'm doing but I don't know where to start!! :unsure:


Some background: This class has had a different teacher each term; a couple of children need a statement but won't be given one; 18 boys!!!! :blink:


Please give me some advice!!


Thanks! :D

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Well I think I would start in The same way as I would with any class and spend the first couple of weeks really getting to know the children and letting them get to know you and also doing some assessments. I would assess phase 2 and 3 phonics, hear each child read, do some guided writing and number recognition, counting and calculating. When you have a handle of where they are then you can plan where you need to go with the class's using DM If you have been passed on decent records then you can work from those. It sounds like the class are unsettled and that would be my focus i would be establishing routines and doing lots of circle times etc. This end of the year I am approaching the end of phase 3 phonics and will start phase 4 after Easter with the majority. I will be focusing on letter formation big style and continuing to remember full stops, capital letters when writing sentences. Maths wise we are adding and subtracting single digit numbers and recording and will learn to count in 2 s and 10s. If you are boy heavy you need to keeping learning particularly active and I'm sure you know all about that being used to nursery. A superhero theme maybe? The best thing you could do I think is spend a couple of days in with the class as it is now and pick up their routines and start getting a handle on the children.

Hope that helps!


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I supported a teacher last year in the same position when their NQT left at easter. This is what we did:

analysed the current available data and identified who was on track for the ELGs, who was behind who and who was just under ELGs so she could target appropriately from the start - the children have very little time left before June's data submission point.

We went through every portfolio of evidence and unpicked what she needed to focus on from the start in herobservations and made sure any additional adults knew what those foci were.

She made sure the environment really enabled children to demonstarte their skills so they were observable! This had been a problem before.


She did lots of internal moderation to ensure the school were agreeing with the submitted data and there would be no com ebacks afterwards as the HT was signing it all off.

Their data was a lot lower than normal but she had taken every step possible to manage this in the very short period of time left at this point of the year.


I'd also read the EYFSP handbook, the ARA and get in touch with your moderation manager in the LA to tell them you are taking over now. They may be able to give support.



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Thanks for the replies!!


Most of the boys profiles are way behind - I don't think ONE observation has even been made this term!!!! The main thing I'm worried about is finishing them all in time for the moderators which means I only have a month or so to get it all done from the beginning!!


What have I let myself into?!?!

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